Addressing the issues we often create for ourselves

We are pleased to announce that the United Nationalities of Marbella Summit 2021 is our 6th annual community get together.

This year's event will take place on the 18th of November in the Harbour Marbella and will shine a spotlight on the problems that the younger generation of international residents are facing and search for practical solutions. 

It will also raise much needed awareness and hopefully funds for the suicide prevention charity La Barandilla.

Influential members of the community, business leaders and people who want to offer their time and support to the youth of Marbella are invited to attend this event. 

From 11.00 there will be Think Tank sessions for attendees to identify the key issues and come up with practical solutions to them. 

This will be interactive and dynamic and organisers hope that it will be the catalyst to solving issues identified in previous events, but which are still problems today. 

Representatives from Marbella Town Hall, international schools and universities, and leading businesses have already confirmed their support for and attendance to the event and organiser Nicole King believes that together we can really make a difference.

We are particularly encouraging local businesses to fulfil their social commitment and offer internships, career opportunities and where appropriate, suitable entertainment for our youth.  ie. at tennis and golf clubs , restaurants , hotels etc.  

We brought our children here and it is up to us to ensure they can aspire to a safe childhood and a bright future in their home city.  

To establish a suicide prevention helpline service 24/7-365 we need any qualified professionals , hospitals, clinics with international speaking psychiatrists etc. to help create a support system with languages.


2007-2018 Increase suicide 10 - 24 yrs

every 90 minutes

soméone takes their own life in Spain


should be the lives lost to despair

Once again we are honoured to welcome Marbella Town Hall councillors Remedios Bocanegra & Cristobal Garré, the British Consulate and Chamber of Commerce supporting these community initiatives.



11.00 – Arrival 

Topics  :

  • Internship opportunities, career opportunities, business social contract responsibilities for jobs and suitable hang out spaces

Objective: Provide a bright and optimistic future for our youth in Marbella.

  • Suicide Prevention helpline 

14.30 – Lunch – seating arranged to permit further discussion on relevant topics.

  • Road safety incentive: Zero Hero update 
  • Sustainability update
  • Presentation of Marbella Love Mugs –promoting local artists and supporting charity

17.00 – Finish

The event is now at full capacity.  However any members of the community who want to volunteer or collaborate, support the charity please contact to find out more.  Thank you.

Photo's UNMS 2021

The United Nationalities of Marbella Summit 2021 was a great succes. Click on the button to take a look at all the photo´s!

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